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PURPOSE:    The Health Alliance of Clinton County will award medical scholarships each year to assist employees working in a medical field/office within Clinton County.

ELIGIBILITY:   The HACC Scholarships are open to all Clinton Memorial Hospital Regional Health System employees and to employees of a Health Care Providers’ office within Clinton County (including physicians, dental, pharmacy, hospice, EMS, and Drayer Rehabilitation) who have worked at that place of employment for at least one year by the time of the application due date of Thursday, September 1, 2022..

SCHOLARSHIPS:   Medical Scholarships in the amount of $2,000.00 each will be given in 2022.  Scholarships will be awarded to an employee pursuing a degree, advanced degree or certification in any healthcare field. This employee must continue to work with the said employer during the period of the scholarship or the eligibility will cease, unless employment is terminated under no fault of the recipient due to dismissal or layoff.  Should the recipient terminate his/her employment during the period of the scholarship, the recipient agrees to repay the scholarship amount received to The Health Alliance of Clinton County upon request of the committee.

The committee reserves the right not to award a scholarship if there are no qualified applicants.

PAYMENT:   The recipients will be required to supply or assist the HACC in getting the needed college information and documentation from their college/university of their classes, hours being taken and their expenses to be incurred: his/her tuition, registration, general fees, and lab fees.  Up to $1,000.00 (1/2 of the yearly scholarship) will be paid directly to the financial office of the college/university per semester.  For any remaining scholarship funds over the amount paid directly to the school, the recipient may submit receipts for other expenses such as books. Travel expenses are not eligible. If attending a For Profit college, we may need additional information.

If only one semester is attended within that year, the recipient will receive the $1,000.00

for that semester but the remainder of the scholarship for that year will be forfeited.

Requests for payment must be submitted to The HACC Scholarship Fund, c/o Patti Settlemyre, Ch., 798 West Road, Martinsville, Ohio 45146

Any previous recipient of a scholarship may reapply for another scholarship but will be required to compete against a new field of candidates.

Please submit all completed applications to the HACC before the deadline date of Thursday, September 1, 2022.  

Applications should be mailed to:
The HACC Scholarship Fund
c/o Patti Settlemyre, Ch.
798 West Road
Martinsville, Ohio 45146

If you have questions, please call Patti Settlemyre at 937-728-7885..

Please leave your name, phone number and your question and I will return your call.

You may also send an email to (Please put HACC Scholarship in the subject box)

The Health Alliance of Clinton County Scholarship Committee: Patti Settlemyre, (Chair), Carolyn Matthews, Frances Sharp, Patricia Richardson and
ex-officio, President, Patti Cook.

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